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Anyone digging must contact OKIE811 to have facility operators locate and mark their underground lines.

Membership Announcements

12/13/2022 Re-Mark or Extend Service to all Members


We are targeting the roll out of the Re-Mark or Extend service to all members on March 31, 2023.

What is this service? We are asking excavators if they need marks refreshed when they call in or submit an update ticket. If they say they do not need marks refreshed, we will send a ticket type of “Extend”. If they do need marks refreshed, the ticket type will be “Re-Mark”.

Once you (the underground facility operator) receive the ticket, you have the choice whether you will send out locators or not. It’s important to know that you will need to adjust your processes to handle these two new ticket types.

If you are a Parsing Member or utilize a Ticket Management System to receive notices from OKIE811, you will want to test the ticket transmissions we send you. Please contact Member Services at or 800-522-6544 ext. 4003. Please do so IMMEDIATELY.

A new positive response code has been created to help with responding to “Extend” tickets.

#14 – Ticket Type Extend. Excavator states marks still visible and refresh not needed. If marks need refreshed excavator must submit new locate request.

Note: This response code will be available for “Extend” tickets only.

This WILL have an impact on the ticket information we transmit/send to you when locate requests are received and processed. We are changing the following ticket type names in conjunction with offering this service:


“Update” ticket will be renamed to “Re-Mark” ticket
“Update Extend” ticket will be renamed to “Extend” ticket
For additional information visit the Re-Mark or Extend Service FAQ’s page.

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10/21/2022 Upcoming Member Service Webinars

Please join us for our upcoming Webinars at 2pm on April 12th, May 10th & June 7th!!

April 12, 2023 – New Dispatch and Dispatch Update Forms: Learn how to create a new dispatch or submit dispatch changes using our new and improved forms.

May 10, 2023 – OKIE811 Website: Join us to learn more about the exciting changes to the OKIE811 Website.

June 7, 2023 – Member Q&A: Join us as we answer questions submitted directly by our Members; including Positive Response, locate request concerns and much more!

10/21/2022 Comments Required for Response Action Codes #3, #4 & #7

IMPORTANT: If Response Action #3 – Other, #4 – Partially Marked/Large Project OR #7 Critical Facility/In-Conflict is used and the comments field is blank, the API will return “ValidationFailure” as a result and fail to post the response to the OKIE811 Portal.

Please contact your IT department or third party ticket management software provider to prepare for this change to ensure the Comments field is a required field for API users and ensure you are notified in the event of a failed upload.

10/21/2022 Change to 2nd & subsequent Notices

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Change to 2nd & subsequent Notices!


Effective November 1, 2022: OKIE811 will only transmit 2nd and subsequent notices to member companies that have not provided positive response via the OKIE811 Member Portal. Additionally, when an excavator has informed us that they have not received an adequate response from a member/operator, those members will also receive a 2nd or subsequent notice.

The primary purpose of this change is to ensure only those members that have not responded are notified. By doing this, we reduce unnecessary communications going to members that have already responded to the locate request.

When your company receives a 2nd or subsequent notice, action is required on your part. Please ensure your company has responded to the request via the OKIE811 Portal and you may also choose to reach out to the excavator to ensure communication/information has been received. This is a critical step in ensuring safe excavation and preventing damage to underground facilities.

Another important note is that the expiration date of the original notice will no longer be impacted when 2nd and subsequent notices are issued. The excavator will still be required to update their ticket when their work is not completed by the end of the 14th calendar day after the stated “work to begin date” on the original ticket.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

10/21/2022 2023 Fee Schedule

Each year OKIE811 reviews the budget and updates the fee schedule accordingly to cover the operational expenses. All changes to the fee schedule are made with consideration and analysis to ensure a sense of balance of costs and services to OKIE811 members. As a non-profit organization, we work hard to ensure we’re collecting the necessary revenue to cover our planned costs for the services we provide to all OKIE811 members.

The Board of Directors for Oklahoma One-Call System (OKIE811) has approved the 2023 Fee Schedule. As you prepare your 2023 budget, be sure to visit to review the new 2023 Fee Schedule and OKIE811 official 2023 Holidays.

05/11/2022 Non-Compliance Notice for not Responding to Locate Requests

ATTENTION: Members Not Responding to Locate Quests via OKIE811 Portal
One of your dispatch codes is in non-compliance with the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act. Per the amended section 142.6.B of the Oklahoma Underground Damage Prevention Act, each operator of underground facilities shall provide a Positive Response to the notification center (i.e. OKIE811 via our Portal) prior to the expiration of the required notice period. This went into effect November 1,2021.

We show that your dispatch code(s) is configured to respond to locate requests through the OKIE811 Portal. However, nearly 100% of your locate request notifications (aka tickets) are not being responded to through the OKIE811 Portal.

To be compliant, it is critical that whoever is responsible for responding to locate requests for your dispatch code(s) that they are responding via the OKIE811 Portal. Login to the OKIE811 Portal, under Membership Info feature, review your dispatch code(s) to identify who is configured to respond for your organization to help ensure responses are being provided to OKIE811 via the our Portal.

Watch the Positive Response Tutorial for more information about how to respond.

Contact with any questions or assistance.


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