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Anyone digging must contact OKIE811 to have facility operators locate and mark their underground lines.

Membership Announcements

Save the Date 2024 Annual Meeting

All Members are invited to attend the 44th Annual Meeting

Wednesday March 6th, 2024

Noon – 4:30pm

Embassy Suites in Norman, OK

2501 Conference Dr, Norman, OK 73069

Register Today!

Upcoming Member Service Webinars

Upcoming Member Service Webinars

Please join us for upcoming webinars at 2pm on February 14th & March 13th.

February 14, 2024 – OKIE811 Member BenefitsJoin us to discuss how OKIE811 Members benefit from changes made to OKIE811 processes & procedures.

March 13, 2024OKIE811 Membership VerificationLearn about the new verification process, how verification can save you money, and the importance of verifying your information.

Member Billing Announcement

Annual Billing Reminders

November is when members receive their annual invoice for their membership fees. We wanted to share a couple of reminders regarding the invoice.

Invoice Reminders

Payment Reminders

  • Payments are due December 15, 2023
  • Payment Options
    • On Annual Invoice click “Review and Pay” to pay by ACH bank transfer or Credit Card
    • Check sent to address at bottom of invoice.
    • Include your invoice number and member code with your payment.
  • Click link on invoice for copy of W-9


  • Late Fees of 1.5% or $50 (whichever is greater) will be applied to all outstanding invoices after January 1, 2024.

2024 Fee Schedule & Estimated Fees

  • Review 2024 Fee Schedule
  • Estimated fees are based on previous year’s premium services and 2nd and 3rd notices.
  • Watch recorded webinar to learn more about how members can Reduce Costs and Save Money with your membership.


2024 Fee Schedule

2024 Fee Schedule

The 2024 Fee Schedule has been approved by the OKIE811 Board of Directors and will go into effect November 1, 2023. These new rates will be reflected on your 2024 Annual Invoice.  

As a non-profit organization, we work hard to ensure we’re collecting the necessary revenue to cover our planned costs for the services provided to OKIE811 members. Knowing our services are provided to all members, our intent is to fairly distribute the cost of operations to the underground facility operator. In an effort to more fairly distribute costs, the board has voted on significant modifications to how costs are billed out under the 2024 Fee Schedule. 

Fee Schedule Changes 

Membership Fee: 

  • Minimum Base Fee increase from $360 to $400. 
  • New! Upcoming Planned Budget, less Premium Service Fees, Divided by Tickets from the previous 12 months.  
  • This new calculation allows for a fairer distribution of costs to all members.  

Premium Service Fees: 

  • New! Additional fee for the 2nd Notice at $2.00 p/ticket & 3rd Notice tickets at $3.00 p/ticket.  
  • Additional Output Fee increases from $120 to $180 p/Output. 

Other Fees: 

  • Sustaining Membership has increased from $480 to $811. 
  • New Membership Setup/Reinstatement Fee remains at $325. 
  • Custom Ticket Management services/support remains at $250 p/hr. 
  • Custom Ticket Reporting/Reseach remains at $250 p/hr. 

Helpful Hints to Reduce Costs 

There are some steps underground facility operators can take to reduce their fees. Watch the recorded webinar to learn more on how you can Reduce Costs and Save Money with your Membership. 

The team here at OKIE811 works hard to provide quality services to our members. We continually look at improvements to help streamline and automate to keep our operating costs low. We appreciate your participation in the 811 system and are here to help. 

Need to Know Design - Survey Request Information

Effective Wednesday, October 25, 2023, OKIE811 will begin sending “Design – Survey Request” notifications to members. This is a notice to facility operators to provide underground facility information during the design or engineering phase of a project to prevent potential impact to existing underground facilities.

Need to Know Field Information

New Response Code

OKIE811 has created a new response code to help with responding to Design – Survey Requests when facility operator chooses to provide maps.

  • #15 – “Maps Provided. Facility representative provided mapping files to Design – Survey Requestee.”
  • Comments will be required. Suggested comments should include when the maps were sent, to whom they were sent, and from which email address.
  • This response can only be used on Design – Survey Requests.

Action Items

  1. Design – Survey Contact: Provide Name and Email or Phone Number for the person or department who maintains the map files of your underground facilities data. Please include each dispatch code this contact should be associated with. This contact will be included on the Design – Survey Requests that goes back to the requestor.
  2. Where should Design – Survey Requests notifications be transmitted?
    1. Existing Outputs:Send Design – Survey request to the same location locate requests are being sent.
    2. Design Output: Add an additional output specifically for Design – Survey Request notifications to be sent to the Design Contact. Provide Name and Email Address.
        • Note: A premium service fee is applied to each additional output setup under each dispatch as premium service.

Watch the Design – Survey Video to learn how you can set up your account to ensure appropriate personnel receive the Design – Survey Request notifications.

For more information regarding this law change, please visit the amended sections §63-142.2.(16) and §63-142.8. B of the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damages Prevention Act.

Please contact OKIE811 Member Services Team with any questions.

Non-Compliance Notice for not Responding to Locate Requests


Positive Response is Mandatory in the State of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act requires each operator of underground facilities to provide a response to the notification center (i.e., OKIE811 via our Portal) prior to the expiration of the required notice period. The response shall indicate the status of required activities of the operator or designated representative regarding proposed excavation or demolition. Please review the law for details about the requirements of responding to locate request notifications.


Watch the Positive Response Tutorial for more information about how to respond.


ATTENTION: Members Not Responding to Locate Quests via OKIE811 Portal
One of your dispatch codes is in non-compliance with the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act. Per the amended section 142.6.B of the Oklahoma Underground Damage Prevention Act, each operator of underground facilities shall provide a Positive Response to the notification center (i.e. OKIE811 via our Portal) prior to the expiration of the required notice period. This went into effect November 1,2021.

We show that your dispatch code(s) is configured to respond to locate requests through the OKIE811 Portal. However, nearly 100% of your locate request notifications (aka tickets) are not being responded to through the OKIE811 Portal.

To be compliant, it is critical that whoever is responsible for responding to locate requests for your dispatch code(s) that they are responding via the OKIE811 Portal. Login to the OKIE811 Portal, under Membership Info feature, review your dispatch code(s) to identify who is configured to respond for your organization to help ensure responses are being provided to OKIE811 via the our Portal.

Watch the Positive Response Tutorial for more information about how to respond.

Contact with any questions or assistance.


Start a Ticket.