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Anyone digging must contact OKIE811 to have facility operators locate and mark their underground lines.


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OKIE811 has approximately 1,400 facility operators who have registered their underground facilities with OKIE811 to receive notices of excavation happening near their assets. OKIE811 Contact Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide notification to facility operators of excavation around their lines.

We encourage you to become familiar with the Oklahoma Under Ground Facilities Damage Prevention Act to help understand the responsibilities of being a member of OKIE811.

In addition to our comprehensive contact center services, operators enjoy the benefit of our robust Safety Education Programs. Our programs specifically educate professional excavators and others about the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act and spread the “Dig Safely” message to decrease the possibility of service interruptions and damages to underground facilities.

OKIE811 also has publications and materials available to operators and excavators to meet safety and compliance requirements.

Please complete the membership application below to become a member of OKIE811! Please keep in mind there is an initial one-time, non-refundable database setup fee of $325 that will be invoiced upon completion of registration.


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