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Anyone digging must contact OKIE811 to have facility operators locate and mark their underground lines.

Design-Survey Request

Effective November 1, 2023, A Design-Survey Request can be submitted to facility operators so they may provide underground facility information during the design or engineering phase of a project. Facility operators will have 14 calendar days to respond to the Design-Survey Request by physically marking the site or providing maps of the facilities.  Facility operators have the choice in how they respond with facility details.

A Design-Survey request is not a locate request and is not for excavation purposes.  If you will be excavating, please submit a locate request no less than 3 business days and no more than 10 business days prior to the excavation start date.

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To Start the Design-Survey Request process:


  • Access the OKIE811 Portal to start a new Design-Survey Request
  • Login to your portal user account. Go to “New Ticket”
    • (Go to ‘Sign Up’ if you are a first-time user)
  • Select Request Type: Design-Survey Request
  • Select your preferred method of receiving the facility information: Maps of facilities or physical markings on site.
  • Fill out all required fields on the form.
  • Find and mark the project area on the OKIE811 Portal Map
  • Submit the request.  You will receive a 14-digit confirmation number, and the Design-Survey Request ticket will transmit to the facility operators registered in the project area.

Required Information for the Design-Survey Request:


  • Your company information
  • Your contact information
  • Who the work is done for
  • Estimated Project Start Date
  • County
  • Place
  • Nearest cross street to the project area
  • Physical description of the project area:
  • Address, specific path of the project or boundaries of the project area. *Each Design-Survey Request may not exceed five hundred (500) linear feet in incorporated areas or one linear mile (1) in unincorporated areas.
  • In order to accurately notify the facility owners in your project area, you are required to mark the project area on the OKIE811 Portal map.

Please Note: OKIE811 does not view or verify the information submitted on the Design-Survey request.


Check out these tutorials for help submitting your Design-Survey Request:

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